Project Descriptions

Our company Multimedia Online Concepts is based in Los Angeles and is one of the only websites of its kind. The main aim of our company was to develop a competition platform for aspiring web designers so that they can have a place to showcase their talent.

We understand how important it is for web designers to display their work in order to get success in the carrier. This is why we have spent so much time in perfecting the MOC website for you all.

On the other hand we also wanted to encourage people to participate in more and more competitions so we have kept amazing prizes for the competition held at our end. These competitions range from a huge variety of categories so that every individual has something to suit their designing capability.

Along with this these competitions also focus on different industries in order to tap into an individual personal liking or hobby. If you too have been trying to figure out where you can display your amazing web designs then being a part of Multimedia Online Concepts is highly recommended.

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